[2012 update] Buniyadi Nirmaan

Nyaya, Samanta. Two flags with these words fluttered near the group of youngsters gathered on this Sunday morning. Did they remember what these words meant? Related to justice and equality, came the reply from Nisha, one of the more active and responsible kids. She and rest of the group is a part of the buniyaadi nirmaan, the new foundation that is being laid through JJSS children’s club in Araria RS. The club meets every Sunday morning for two hours and engages in both physical and intellectual activities. Games like kabaddi, leader-leader, and dodge-ball are followed by educational game where kids have to walk on India’s map and locate the mentioned state, blind-folded.

Latter turned out to be a great preparation for the six children who accompanied the JJSS contingent to NAPM’s national convention in Thrissur, Kerala. By exposing the children to the larger world out there, we hope to broaden their perspective on a variety of issues. Representatives from 16 states, different types of fruits like cashew and pepper, self-motivation and the command of English language, mountains, elephants, acknowledging gender-based discrimination – when we heard this diverse list of favorite things about the trip from the children, we knew the seed of curiosity had been sown. We look forward to nurturing it through many more activities and spreading it across the district.

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