2012 update

Our last update to you was in May, where one of our volunteers shared the excitement created by the Mazdoor mela in Katihar. Since then, we have organized and participated in several activities, both locally and nationally. Our work can be broadly categorized into five themes:

  1. NREGA and related activities
  2. Strengthening the sangathan by building democracy within
  3. Creating awareness and politicization of workers
  4. Building linkages with organizations involved in the larger struggle
  5. Laying a new foundation, or buniyadi nirmaan, through JJSS children’s club

This update also contains our accounts statement for the last six months. In addition to the membership fees, the sangathan relies on individual donations from friends, supporters, and well-wishers to support our activities. Thank you for your continued encouragement and support. Zindabad!

1.  NREGA and related activitiesWorkers Marching

Summer is the most active period for NREGA as lack of agricultural work makes employment provided through NREGA as the sole means of sustenance for majority of our members. Thus, a large portion of our time is spent in ensuring proper functioning of the scheme, including demand registration, opening of works to cater to this demand, tracking and resolving payment issues. [Click here to read about the padyatras, the firing of Jokihat P.O., the maha-ralla in Katihar, its fall-out, the battle in Parihari, the late payment survey, JJSS mobile radio, moving beyond NREGA, and more…]

2.  Building democracy within


Karyakarini Meet was attended by around 200 committee members of various units

Maturity of an organization can be measured by the way information flows in it and how it leads to the decision making process. Our vision for JJSS was to create a decentralized system where decisions are made at the local level, based on a two-way information flow from rest of the organization. The last update mentioned the formation of the first unit in Choukta; we are now over 26 units strong and closer to the vision of decentralized planning and local decision making bodies. [Click here to read about the karyakarni meeting, the distribution of sangathans’ flags, the evolution in sangathan’s membership drive, and more…]

3.  Politicization of workers

‘Bin lade kuch bhi yahan milta nahin yah jaan kar, ab ladai lad rahe hain log mere gaon ke’

This year we made a concerted effort to reach out to our saathis and talk about the various divides along the lines of caste, gender, religion and class. To get there, we used creative mediums like drama and songs to depict the realities of our lives. We also made some innovative banners comparing salaries and other benefits of Government employees vs. NREGA workers, which had stuck in the mind of saathis who had seen similar banners made in the Rajasthan Mazdoor Hak Satyagraha of 2009. [Click here to read about our first drama workshop and book release, watch our saathis perform, how we are overcoming gender and occupational divides, and more…]

4.  Linkages outside

NAPM Raly in Patna joined by various organisations

NAPM Rally in Patna joined by various organisations

The JJSS works locally in a few districts of Bihar, but to be heard by a system which has little concern for the voices of the poor, organisations like ours need larger linkages. With this in mind the JJSS has been part of larger platforms, alliances and campaigns. [Click here to read about our involvement with pension parishad, RTF campaign, jan sansad, ICDS social audit, NAPM, and more…]

5.  Buniyadi Nirmaan

Nyaya, Samanta. Two flags with these words fluttered near the group of youngsters gathered on this Sunday morning. Did they remember what these words meant? Related to justice and equality, came the reply from Nisha, one of the more active and responsible kids. She and rest of the group is a part of the buniyaadi nirmaan, the new foundation that is being laid through JJSS children’s club in Araria RS. The club meets every Sunday morning for two hours and engages in both physical and intellectual activities. Games like kabaddi, leader-leader, and dodge-ball are followed by educational game where kids have to walk on India’s map and locate the mentioned state, blind-folded. [Click here to read about our hope for the children’s club, their trip to NAPM national convention in Kerela, and more…]

6.  Accounts

For 1st April, 2012 to 19th November, 2012

Expense Head Expense in Rs.
honorarium 140900.00
mazdoor mela 92766.00
travel 68171.70
2 karyakarani meetings 42796.00
printing 30580.00
communication (mobile recharge, mailing etc.) 27793.00
office (with rent for 17 months @1000 per month) 18357.00
food 14821.00
awareness 13880.00
stationery 12994.00
public meeting 12291.00
misc. 6484.00
photocopy 5156.50
audit fee 750.00
Total Expenditure 487740.20

Total Donation: 524733 Rupees (including annual membership of Rs. 50 per member)

Appeal for funds


JJSS saathi making small financial contribution at a meeting

The sangathan has so far not taken institutional funds, it has been running on individual donations from friends, supporters and well-wishers, you can support our activities; you could send us your contribution in Indian Rupees. The sangathan has registered as a Trade Union; we maintain our accounts and issue receipts for the donations we receive.

Donations can be sent in the form of cash, cheque and online transfer.

Send a cheque in the name of “Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan” to the following address: A-5 Siddharth Apartment, Jagdeo Path, Patna-800014, Bihar.   For online transfer please write to Ashish Ranjan ashish.ranjanjha@gmail.com or kamayani swami at kamayani02@yahoo.com.

Note: When you send us your donation, please drop us a line. In the past, we have had donations that could not be identified. In case you would want your name to be anonymous, please feel free to mention the same.

December 9th, 2012

For the JJSS, Bihar (www.jjabihar.org)

Ranjit Paswan, Shivnarayan, Arvind Kumar, Prithvichand Rishidev, Tanveer Alam, Arun Yadav, Buchiya Devi, Neela Devi, Deepnarayan Paswan, Krishna Kumar Singh, kamayani swami and Ashish Ranjan

Special thanks to the volunteers (Apoorva, Anindita, Sharan, Sushmita, Vibhore) for their help in writing this update.

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