[2015 Update] May Day 2015

May Day is a very special day for us as we celebrate and honour the various struggles of workers world over. On this day we remember our past struggles and honour the contribution of workers in shaping the world. Every year we celebrate May Day in the form of a travelling festival (Mela). A photo album can be viewed here.

This year May Day was hosted by our Raniganj saathis at Raniganj High School, Raniganj.  Vaishali unit celebrated the May day in Raghopur Narsanda Panchayat.  This year we also held our general body meeting and elections with the May Day celebrations.

May Day saw a huge turnout of about ten thousand people.  We had members from Katihar, Saharsa,Purnea and Araria attending the mela and participating in the elections.

May day as usual had a stall for “Auzar” (tools) which our workers most commonly use like hoe (kudal),  basket, tagari…. . One educational stall was put up by Pratham for children. There was a stall to sell clothes and various small stalls for eateries.

People stayed till late afternoon and enjoyed the play “Ganga ho ya Gangai “ performed by Prerna Kala Manch, Varanasi.

Elections were held later in the day. Ranjit Paswan, a long time committed worker of the JJSS and Join Seceratry was elected as General Secretary . He replaced Kamayani Swami who was the General Secretary for four years (2011-2015). A fifteen member working committee was also elected unanimously by the members.

3. DSCN0907

The unsung Heroes: Every year during May Day meals of khichri are provided to all interested at a subsidised contribution…. Ranjay and Abhishek as part of the cooking team


The new Sanchalan Samiti being voted in …

6. IMG_20150501_115633290_HDR

A large turn out at the May Day 2015


Visitors engage at the Pratham Stall



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