[2014 update] Accounts

IMG_20141124_185013030The JJSS had committed to joining the rally planned in Delhi for 2nd December in thousands and this meant mobilizing both members and also financial resources. It was decided that in the executive meeting held on 15th 16th November, each active village unit would be given a donation box and asked to try and raise 2500 rupees. 50 boxes were sent out, so far 36 boxes have come back and 44,514 rupees have been collected, less than the expected amount none the less an important contribution. Other than putting in donations in the boxes saathis also raised their own travel funds and money for food stocks to last them till they reached Delhi. In addition to this we are thankful to all of you who gave us matching funds, for each box. Further accounts are given below:

 Expense 1st April, 2013 to December 2014 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013
Printing 12305 55437
Office 175759(includes purchase of 3 mega mikes @Rs. 3700 approx) 11990
Travel 244273 201014
Honorarium 217820 267140
Commission (given on cutting of membership cards) 2235 0
Awareness 15098 21716
Photocopy 22271 10075
Communication 51330 41767
Stationery 2456 1734
Mazdoor Mela 67090 52664
Food 30716 27627
Misc 4000 26685
Public meeting 25129 10445
karyakarni meeting 15468 8018
NAPM convention 14441 0
Bihar Jan Sansad 5350 73704
Pension Parishad campaign 0 26419
NCPRI State convention 0 17000
Video and phorography 0 6500
747557 859935

Total Expected Expense = 972557/-

So far we have raised 5,00,000 rupees and another 88,000 from membership fees, that leaves us Rs 3,84,557 short of our needs to keep the sangathan going till 31st March, 2014.

 We would really appreciate your support. Infact it is much needed, the sangathan is growing – sangharsh and nirman hand in hand but this means more expenses and with rising ‘mehangaee’ more so!

Upcoming events

  • Taking forward the coming together of movements
  • Participating in the common organizing in Delhi during the budget session
  • Continuing sangharsh and nirman activities in the sangathan area
  • Strengthening organic leadership and building a caste, class, gender, minorities lense within the sangathan

Youth team member Vijay plays a game during children’s camp near JJSS training center


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