[Update 2015] The fundamental flaw with Aadhaar!

We have a fundamental critique of Adhaar, like many in the civil society, and it is clearly laid out in the Indian Express article by Prof Jean Dreze.  Further our own experience of corruption in the making of Aadhaar has been shocking.

Several of our members residing in various Panchayats in Araria complained about illegal charging of money by enrolment agencies for Aadhaar. Agencies were charging Rs 25-45 per person, so a family with 5 members ended up paying anything between rupees 125 to 225 for aadhaar enrolment. Those who are not willing to give money were simply refused enrolment and hence people have little option but to succumb to their demands.

Given the situation we raised the issue with the district administration, wrote to DG Enrollment, UIAID and became instrumental in filing 9 FIRs in Araria district along with ceasing and handing over to the police material like computer etc used for this illegal activity.

Despite warnings at all levels precious little was done by the UIADI and enrollment agencies will illegally collected crores of rupees from poor workers of Araria. A commentary on this whole episode was shared with you on our blog.

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