[2015 Update] Building alliances

Cross cutting solidarity: JJSS along with several other groups have been forging cross cutting alliance to raise the voice of the marginalised. “Abki Baar Hamara Adhikar” was one such initiative which brought together more than hundred groups. The JJSS was represented at the NBA’s Jeevan Adhikar Stayagrah. It has continued being part of the Pension Parishad (a campaign for universal pensions) and the Right to Food Campaign, and was a host to the “Bhojan Adhikar Yatra” which traversed Bihar.

The JJSS is a constituent of the National Alliance of People’s Movement. JJSS team was part of the NAPM’s bi-annual convention in 2014, which marked twenty years of NAPM’s existence. Ashish and Kamayani were elected to be part of the National Conveners team of NAPM. More recently JJSS played a pivotal role in organising the NAPM Bihar state convention.

Two JJSS representatives were also part of the NAPM Manthan Shivir held in Hyderabad from 17th to 19th October.

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