नाव हमारी चली – JJSS Buniyaadi Nirmaan Internship

What will you be doing this summer? How about an internship to organize children’s day camps that has the following checklist:

  • Organize ice-breakers that gets everyone laughing and excited  🙂
  • Inspire children to draw and color something about their village  🙂
  • Find the story teller within you and enthrall kids with your stories  🙂
  • Recall, learn, and play new games: from naav meri chali to charade  🙂
  • Facilitate small group activities that sow the ideas of justice and equality  🙂
  • Become a cinema waala and screen meaningful films under the starlit skies  🙂
  • Show kids how to take pictures and let the new shutterbugs loose on their friends 🙂
  • Any of your creative and fun ideas to engage children

In short, we are looking for a co-dreamer with a creative flair! It is an empty canvas that we have to paint together with hundreds of children. While the above links share our experiences from last summer, we are open to experimenting with the format and the content. So, let your ideas flow…

Who are we?

We are associated with Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan, a non-party political effort to build a just and equitable society through collective mobilization, using tools such as RTI, NREGA, and social audits to make the government respond to people’s needs.

Since the last two years, we have been working towards creating a space for buniyadi nirmaan within the JJSS. We are doing this by involving and exposing children to ideas of equality and justice from an early age through workshops and day camps (read more).

We have enough tech resources available, including chromebooks, digital still cameras, video recorders, audio recorders, battery powered projector, and a growing Hindi video library. And a fabulous team that is really interested in spending time with children and just having fun!


The internship would be based in the district town of Araria, Bihar though most of the time would be spent in its villages. That means please be prepared to stay without basic modern conveniences like toilets, electricity, tapped water etc. Please read this JJSS volunteering guide for more details.

The camps would be organized during May and June, typically covering 4-5 villages in a week, and then a couple days break to rest and restock.  Minimum commitment of two weeks as a volunteer is required, with the possibility of converting it to a longer internship that also provides a stipend.

For any other questions or information, contact Vibhore at 8809953280 or vvardhan@gmail.com

Put your dreamer’s hat on and imagine what would make children laugh. Then come and do it this summer!

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