Health Update

As of today we are told that a new nurse has been posted to the APHC. This APHC caters to a population of about 70,000 people in 7 panchayats.

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Fighting the Cold- Blanket distribution

कई बार एक छोटी सी मदद बड़ा लंबा रास्ता जाती है, हाल में हमारे बुआ फुपजी और एक शुभचिंतक साथी ने मिल कर लगभग 300 कम्बल जाड़े में वितरण हेतु भेजे.

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Transitioning to 2019

On 3rd January birth anniversary of Savitri Bai Phule JJSS members in Vaishali and neighbouring Samstipur district got together in a meeting where they took a vow to fight patriarchy and casteism.

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